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Who is it for Ergos Mapping?

Ergos Mapping is aimed at all those companies that manage large amounts of information and the fact to locate it on the map may be relevant.

What productive sectors covers?

Ergos MappingAny sector can benefit from the information management that makes Ergos Mapping. It has special meaning for maintenance departments for their ability to locate facilities and attach manuals and maintenance, locate accidents, representation of production processes in the industrial sector with locating assembly lines, machinery, industry security understood as a preventive by the ability to placejobs, hygienic measures and risk assessments on the map, but also physical security with access to different security cameras, etc.

Can I manage information that does not require geographical location?

Mapping Ergos contemplates the possibility of accessing information not graphically to cover all aspects of information management in which no sense their physical location, such as personnel or payroll, for example.

Can I locate items in real time?

Triangulacion Ergos MappingErgos Mapping is capable of locating both fixed elements and mobile elements on a map. What exactly does is to establish a communication with them through technologies WIFI and/or radio frequency, and then deducing location by triangulating data or by locating the RF antenna that is activated.

Can I communicate with sensors to read/modify?

Ergos Mapping allows you to communicate with any sensor provided with network communication protocols such as temperature sensors, humidity, etc.

What requires implementation of Ergos Mapping?

SAASIt is a WEB application SAAS (Software As A Service) which means that does not require local installation. So its implementation only requires parameterization of it, deciding: maps to place, icons of objects to represent, information associated with each object and programmation that you want to interact (cameras, sensors, RF antennas ).

What do I need to use MAPPING?

Ergos Mapping application is a responsive design so it can be executed from the browser of a PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, etc.

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